Monday, January 11, 2016

Where to find what was lost?

Everything that happens to Father Dragon has an effect on the dwarves. If Father Dragon is happy, the dwarves are in their best behavior. When Father Dragon is angry, the dwarves are angry. And when Father Dragon is absent, the dwarves are out of sorts. Too much energy and too much free time.

I threatened to fry some dwarves but they were still acting like gremlins high on Red Bulls. I mean more than usual. Tassin suggested a wiser approach. Yoga and meditation. My dwarf Taskmaster said dragon and dwarves needed to reconnect after all this time I've been neglecting them and the Dragon Cave. They -like me- felt they had lost something and were looking for it everywhere. Maybe it was the confidence or peace or direction. They didn't really know but they were anxious and restless.

We all sat together in the wine cellar (dwarves meditate better in there) and Sessin read a Zen story. I liked it so much, I thought I would post about it here.
There was a crone who was loved and respected by everyone in town. One day people saw her searching all along the street for something.

Many approached and asked her, "What did you lose?"

"A needle", she answered.

"A needle is very small. We'll help you!" They said and started looking everywhere on the street but they didn't find anything.

"It would be easier if you knew more or less where you could've lost it." Someone said.

"I know. I lost it inside the house." The old woman assured.

"If you lost it inside, why then are you searching outside?"

"Because there is no light in the house. It's all dark. There is more light outside."

"But you'll never find the needle here if you didn't lose it here!"

The crone smiled and nodded. "It's the same that you all do. Why do you keep searching outside for the things that you lost inside?"
The dwarves and I had to agree that putting it that way, it sounded very silly that we keep struggling to fill voids by chasing gold, gems, wine, dwarf women and fried virgin snacks. Our senses are so permeated with all the world's offers, all the world's noises, impulses and opinions, you know, "do this, you need this, buy this, look like this, talk like this, follow the trend, be more, be less, have this....and then you'll be happy."  

The world outside is full of pretty lights and inside us it is all dark and we can't see our way but we will never find outside what we are missing inside. 

The wine cellar was in total silence. Dwarves are busy digesting the food for thought and I'm glad they stopped behaving like orcs. It was a good start. 

Dragon Hugs!


  1. Very true! Many of our problems would be solved by looking inward.
    Glad they aren't acting like unruly orcs anymore!

  2. Orcs are bad enough without copying their behaviour. It is very true, we need to look inside and find what we need.

  3. Hi Father Dragon - looking for our own problems are always on the inside - if we can only turn them around to benefit ourselves ... cheers Hilary

  4. Nice, got to love those dwarfs:)

  5. True.
    And we certainly wont buy whatever it is we are missing.
    Dragon hugs gratefully received - and returned.

  6. Most of the answers to our problems lay within, and it often all comes down to our attitude.

  7. True happiness starts from within..a story filled with wisdom..Dwarves meditate better in a wine cellar? Who would've knew. :)

  8. Very true.
    I'm glad you're back. :)

  9. Such words of wisdom. But those dwarves meditating in the wine cellar? I don't know about that. Have you checked the level in the wine barrels lately or counted the number of full bottles in the racks? LOL Have a great day.

  10. It's deep thoughts there. Looking inward to find what is lost. I hope you shine light on the inside (and still find gold and dwarf women on the outside). :)