Monday, January 4, 2016

Changing skins

It feels like centuries since the last time I sat like this in the Cave. I have been absent and distant and the dwarves have been extremely lazy. There is dust everywhere. The gold and precious stones are opaque and the virgins have grown fat and ugly. Some have eloped with villagers. No doubt my hibernation took way too long. It was that trip to my inner self. It took longer than I expected and just a tad more difficult than I foresaw. It warped my thoughts and unglued my being, making it thin and disperse like plumes of smoke.

I didn't achieve the goals I had set for that journey but the fact that things didn't go according to expectations does not mean it was all for nothing. Often we make plans and we consider a failure if those plans do not work out. If we are too self-absorbed we might miss to see that, despite our disappointment, things worked for the better. Yes, blows and falls and tears in darkness might work better than our best wishes for ourselves. You know why? Because more often than not, we have absolutely no idea of what we really want, or worse, what we really need. Sometimes we are like kids wanting to eat candy all day and we lack the vision of the harm this can bring in the long run.

Being warped, unglued and lost in an inner journey leaves a mark. A BIG one.
One never comes back to what one used to be. I am not and will never be the same dragon. I changed skins many times and eventually, I ended up overall morphing. Since my Ninja Muse is essentially the creative part of me, she morphed big time as well. We even stopped our constant bickering. We understood I don't "have to be" the boss all the time, neither does she. We're just starting negotiations but we'll be writing here more for sure.

2016 couldn't have a better or more extraordinary start. I would dare to say a miracle happened at 12.01. I felt it. Light and rebirth and a far better knowledge of myself. Like that song says,

"It's a new dawn,
it's a new day,
it's a new life,
For me."

Dragon Hugs!


  1. What doesn't kill us makes us stronger. You are stronger now, my friend!
    Does the Ninja Muse still require people to swim naked before seeing you?

  2. Hi Al - it's good to see you again ... and I'm glad you've come through and been allowed to wake up in 2016 ... now to the future ... love Alex' comment - take care and all the best for 2016 - cheers Hilary

  3. The journey never turns out like we imagine it. Once we begin, we can never go back.

    Pleased to hear you and your muse are negotiating now.

  4. Surprises are not always as good as we'd hope, but I have found that things usually work themselves out. Glad you will be writing more. I too have writing goals for 2016.

    Hope everything gets polished and shiny again soon. Wishing you well for the new year, and all the (mis)adventures to come.

  5. Hugs gratefully received. And returned. With interest.

  6. Happy New Year, Father Dragon!
    Some years are like that, but you've gotten through it and much wiser. Writing will be successful this year! Many hugs and all good wishes!

  7. Querido dragon, I am so pleased that your tribulations have made you stronger. Wishing you all the best for this new year and new start. Muchos abrazos.

  8. No matter. I've had a long absence and spotty presence lately too. I wish you the best of luck for a more fruitful 2016!

  9. Dragon hugs back to you!!! So glad you're listening to your inner creative spirit. And you're right about the desire for candy. What we think we want and what we actually need are sometimes very different things.

  10. Glad that you're feeling inspired, always a very good thing:)

  11. You had a journey into the deep end as I say and you lost the chains that were dragging you down (no pun intended). You have been transformed into a new being. Let that light take you where you need to be. You had what I call an awakening.

    much love...

  12. Rebirth. I think that's what we all hope for on January 1. So glad you found it!

  13. This post spoke volumes to me just now. I'm glad the new year is off to a good start for you. Soar with the wind, dragon. Happy New Year! :)

  14. I LOVE the excitement in your growl... YAY Father Dragon! You've come to terms within and now you will be a light and Frolicking dragon... Yes, frolicking... I can almost see the spring in your scaly step...

    Keep it up.... It's so good to see!