Wednesday, August 12, 2015

My 804th Birthday or The blessing of friends

I am writing this post because I want to keep a record of yesterday and I want to express my gratitude to all those wonderful friends who made their best to brighten my day. It was my birthday. I became 804 years old. It could have been a day I would remember for how crappy and lousy it had been. Instead, I'll remember it as the day the Higher Powers showed to me that despite some bitter events, I am still blessed with the friendship and love of the most wonderful people.

It started since the night of August 10th with lots and lots of fireworks, organized by the Knight of the Dragon Order, Sir Jeffrey Hargett. Must add he also made sure the day would end on the highest note. :D Thanks for that!

Then it came the very eclectic August 11. While an argument very early in the morning set very dark clouds on my horizon, on the other side I got a Tsunami of good vibes, smiles and nice gestures from my dear friends from the Fellowship of the Dragon, who threw the funniest on-line party for me. (Thank you Alex, Mark, Jo, Eva, Melissa and Liz).

The fellowship even organized a lot of dance with old wizard and many dragons included, of course!

And a piñata!!! Melissa had too much of Jezebel's punch and mistook me for the piñata. Yes, I remember that, Mel! (BTW, thanks River Fairchild for Jezebel and her punch. :))

Grandmother Dragon, Jo Wake, took care of the invitations...
And more cake arrived! (With 150 dwarves around, you don't expect one would do, do you?)

Someone brought decorations too!

And here it is a picture of good friends rocking the party. "One does not simply invite the Captain Ninja and expect him to come without Mini-Alex." Yes, Mini-Alex gave us a concert. The dwarves went crazy, not to mention the Ninja Muse. Captain Ninja had to use his "diversion clones" to keep her away from him. :D

Don't ask me where the ninja turtles come from. It's a looooooooong story that involves Melissa's birthday, Mark's nightmares, bleeding eyes and lots of laughter. Can't tell you. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

During the whole day I got a lot of love too on FB!

And plenty of other very thoughtful notes that I would like to put here but I can't. Yet each of them touched my heart and meant a smile. That means I smiled about 34 times, just on the Facebook side. That alone outnumbers the frowns I had in the day.

By the time the clock said my birthday was over and it was time to go to bed, I took a moment to recount the joys vs. the bitter moments. While on one side things seemed to tell me dragon stinks, on the other side lots and lots told me how much I mean to them in every way they found possible. My conclusion was that my 804th birthday was the best birthday I've had so far.

THANK YOU, my friends, for making me feel happy to be alive and happy to have you in my life. You give meaning to it. The dragon heart is yours!

Dragon Hugs!


  1. What a wonderful party! So glad it helped to erase the negative of earlier, because dragon does not stink!
    Wishing you nothing but positive vibs and many, many hugs!

  2. And it was an awesome party! Glad we could all make your day.
    Thank God for those clones...

  3. Hi Father Dragon - you've got Alex to admit he's got clones - that must make it the best birthday party bag of useful info all us bloggers could all take away - no-one else has achieved that .. mind you none of us approaching 804 ... well maybe GrandMa Dragon Jo????? is nearing that age .. but we're all staggering along the rocky pavement.

    Glad you had such a great reception from friends and bloggers .. that was some party ... and as Yolande notes ... wishing you nothing but positive vibes and many many hugs - from the land of Merlin ... have a wonderful year ahead ... Hilary

  4. What a great birthday you had! And, although I'm late with the greetings, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

  5. Dragon could never stink. The dwarves, on the other hand... LOL
    Happy Birthday! :D

  6. Sorry I missed your birthday. But I am sending my warmest wishes to you today my dragon friend. *birthday hugs*

  7. A very happy belated birthday to a dragon who is a special example of a special breed.

  8. I'm too pooped from partying last night, Dragon! Feet burn, head hurts, and tummy aches - but it was worth it!! :D Glad you enjoyed it. I love you so, so very much! ((((SHMOOSH)))) Eva

  9. It bums me out how few helped with the cleanup after though. I swept and you burned the trash.

    Glad we were able to cheer you up querido dragon. We'll have to do it again some time.

  10. I'd do almost anything to help an 804 year old dragon celebrate his birthday. :)

  11. Al, I didn't realize you were on Facebook.

    So sorry I missed your birthday. Glad it was a happy one full of good wishes from so many wonderful friends!

  12. Happy belated birthday! Sorry I missed all the festivities!

  13. Yeah, that was a fun birthday and I'm glad, like Yvonne said, that the positives outweighed the negatives :)

    Baby steps :)

  14. What a blast!
    A memorable ocassion for sure!
    (((((UBUNTU HUGS)))))

  15. So sorry to have missed your birthday..So here is a belated wish from me to you.."Happy Birthday to you" "Happy Birthday to You" Happy Birthday Happy Birthday...from me to how about a song..I would have crashed the party had I known with something a bit more creative.

  16. Happy Belated Birthday, Father Dragon! It looks like you had a delightful time!

  17. I missed the party and I'm such a party animal. I may never recover. Glad you recorded the joyous occasion and shared it here. At least I was able to see the fun.

  18. A happy belated Birthday, Dragon! I'm sorry I missed it, being at the very depths of this depression cycle made me miss a lot of things, but I'm here cheering for you now. The blogosphere is a better place because of it's very own dragon. Party on, Al. Party on. :)