Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Chronicles of the Dragon Cave from A to Z: "O" is for Oddities

Video recorded during the preparations for the challenge.  

  Hello visitors, I'm Sessin, son of Tassin. I was supposed to talk about Omelette Sessin Special but no matter what my father says, I don't like to give my secret recipes away. So instead, I'll talk about oddities in the Dragon Cave. Oddities make life with dragons special and fun.
   Mother Dragon and Father Dragon talk alone all the time, out loud. I think that's odd but it really gets interesting when they are in the same chamber. Check this.
   Camera pans to the quartz chamber where Mother Dragon is pacing and Father Dragon is writing.
   "What are we eating today?" Mother Dragon asks. "What do you want?"
   "A hamburger." Father Dragon answers, his claws dancing on the keyboard.
   She acknowledges his presence for the first time. "What? I wasn't talking to you. I was wondering what I felt like eating today."
   "It really sucks." Father Dragon's eyes are fixed on the screen.
   "I suck?"
   Clueless, he looks up to meet her glare. "You do? Ah, no! I'm talking to myself."
   Silence. Mother Dragon paces some more and Father Dragon goes back to his writing.
   "So what do you want to eat?" She asks again.
   More Silence. Mother Dragon smacks Father Dragon on the back of the head. "I'm asking you what do you want to eat!"
   "Oh, I thought you were talking to yourself."
   "Nevermind!" She snorts. "Why do I even bother. I am choosing now. Bear with it!" She leaves, ranting something about Father Dragon going into catatonic state each time he's in front of the computer.
   The camera returns to Father Dragon.
   "No, Father Dragon, don't kill me. I'm a good character. You need me." He chuckles, shakes his head and keeps typing. "Oh, I am so nuts."
   A brief pause later, the video shows Mother Dragon in the kitchen.
"And now I'm going to put this here and we're set. Ah! Mother Dragon, you're a genius! But  you talk so much you make me dizzy. Shut up already. You're so crazy!"
  Sessin's face appears and smiles at the camera.
  "How's that for odd? Now remember, you never saw this. If somebody asks, I told you about omelettes. This video will self destroy in ten seconds."
A whisper is heard then. "We don't have self destructing devices."
"Oh." Sessin gets closer to the camera. "Would someone in the audience set the video on fire in the next ten seconds please? Thank you!"


  1. That was some great tips for that omelet there Sessin -wink- -wink- I will really enjoying trying that out -slowly goes for my lighter-

    1. Really enjoying... that's what I get for writing comments so late at night, lol.

  2. Great post and good tips there,


  3. Poor Father Dragon. I think many men would sympathise with your marital situation!

  4. It sounds just like home to me. I make omelettes all the time too. LOL


  5. I can teleport it into space if that will help!

  6. Cute,or maybe not so much, since I do that type of thing all the time.

  7. Writing can be a dangerous thing for Father Dragon....especially when Mother Dragon is trying to talk to

    Loving this stuff, Al :)

  8. Wait a minute. I think that video was made in my house. Except, I was doing the role of Father Dragon and my husband was the muttering cook.

  9. HA!
    Very funny.

    I have those same conversations talking to my husband while he's watching TV!


  10. Ha, love this one. Very fun post. :)

  11. Even Dragons fall prey to distraction. That's comforting, actually. I thought maybe that was unique to my species.

  12. That omelette recipe rocks!

    (See, I am loyal to the dragon...even if tortured, I will not reveal the true nature of the post- Mother Dragon's secret is safe.)

  13. Haha! Omelette's sound good right now.

  14. I'll torch it for you, I got this.

    This is almost like what goes on in my head... AND also when I'm talking to my husband. The omelettes, I'm talking about the omelettes *wink, wink*

  15. Someone said "odd" and here a I am. :P

    Sounds like a typical day in a writer's life. Carry on!

  16. Ahahaha I love it! Actually it's even funnier because I always talk to myself this way! In particular when I read!

  17. Story of my life...and into the fire it goes. :)

  18. Talking to oneself....perfectly normal. Answering one's own questions and then saying "What'd ya say?"...that's an Oddity. But then I'm no Dragon Counselor!!

    Great post for Letter 'O'!!!!

    My Letter 'O'...Obsession Over Odds and Ends
    Sue CollectInTexasGal
    AtoZ LoneStar Quilting Bee

  19. Hehehe! I think we all talk to ourselves at times. Some of us more than others!

  20. They sound like a little old couple.

  21. Haha! Very fun, entertaining, and odd little post! :)

    #atozchallenge, Kristen's blog:

  22. LOL - great family life. Love that scene. Glad no one has burned the film. Writer’s Mark

  23. Never a dull moment in the Dragon Cave! Very cute story!


  24. lol, love the self destruct solution.

  25. Uhhh, did anybody tell Sessin the video is still live? No one's set fire to it yet.