Saturday, February 16, 2013

The Daily Dragon - Issue #6 / Saturday Edition

Due to Internet problems I couldn't bring you the news during the week so we have a hot Saturday Edition once more. Authors take note.

Mary Pax launching party for Boomtown Craze is fixed for March 4th. Those interested in joining sing up.

Ciara Knight is attending several conferences and she will be doing basket giveaways! If you would like to send promo or free books to her, she would include them in the baskets.  There will be romance basket, sci-fi/fantasy/steampunk basket and YA basket. She is also taking Steampunk submissions, short stories for an anthology. For full information about all this go to her page.

Amy Jarecki is doing a Free Query Critic Contest. "Do you have a query you want to polish? Do you need an extra set of eyes? Follow the steps of the contest and enter the drawing for a free query letter critique!" She will choose three winners on February 18th, so if you are interested you better hurry and click here to learn what to do.

Talking about authors seeking for readers, the hot reporter flew beyond the common known territory and found some interesting sites.

For bloggers and readers who are looking for more exposure and spotlight, A Cozy Reader's Corner might be for you.

If you are seeking for more traffic to your blog AND you like doing book reviews, hosting book tours and interviews on your favorite genres, then check Reading Addiction Blog Tours. The link goes to the badge and requirement page so you know what it is all about.

It may also be a good option for those Authors who have no idea how to schedule a book tour (if you don't mind to pay for it.)

For writers of romance romance and more romance in all its features -and who also love bloghops- take a look at Carrie Ann's Blog Hops. She has Lucky in Love Bloghop, Tortured Hero Bloghop, Sweaty Night Bloghop, Fantasy Bloghop, Romance and Your Hero Bloghop. (Yeah, it could be Fifty Shades of Hot.) *Hop lists are over 200 names. I checked some. There are worthy blogs but some links lead to nowhere, so you may want to be cautious when surfing the lists.

I know some of you don't have just writer's blogs, but also gardening, gym, artcraft, religion and so blogs. You may want to check No Ordinary Blog Hop. I am linking you to the rules page because it is the fastest and easiest way for you to know what it is all about. I think the rules are sensible and their points are valid. It's family friendly.


In my January IWSG's post "Against the Ropes" I  said if you really want to get that glorious triumph that makes your skin crawl with goosebumps, you need to stand up and get your soul to fight when you think your heart cannot take anymore.

Now I ask you if you know what does it take to become Ironman? If you don't, stop by the dragon cave tomorrow. I have a very special post planned, but come with time -and possibly a tissue box for the ladies. I am keeping my word to Elise Fallson but I promise you whatever the time my post takes you tomorrow, you won't leave the Cave in the same state of mind you arrived.

Have a great weekend and I hope to see you tomorrow!


  1. Loved the post, you too have had Internet problems?
    Me too, Thursday and part of Friday, most annoying.

    Have a good week-end.

    1. Can you believe that? yes, it was annoying but it's all fixed now. Hopefully it stays like that. :) Thanks Yvonne!

  2. I'll be sure to stop by tomorrow!
    I've been fortunate I've never needed to pay for a blog tour.
    And glad your Internet is back.

    1. I'm not convinced about paying for reviews, but for hosts might be a good shot. :)

  3. Ooo. Looking forward to Monday. I think. :)

  4. Thanks for the links, which I'm going to visit right now.

    I have no idea what it takes to be Ironman, but I'd like to find out.

    1. Welcome. Hope you find something interesting. :)

  5. That should be enough to keep me busy so I stay out of trouble for awhile.

    Wrote By Rote
    An A to Z Co-host blog

    1. Something tells me you don't need help to stay busy, Arlee. :)

  6. Great links! I don't want to be Iron Man; I want to be Indiana Jones! Just kidding. Looking forward to your post.

    Shannon at The Warrior Muse

    1. Hahahaha. I think you would do a cute Indiana Jones, though.