Monday, August 25, 2014

Lights on Earth become Lights in the Sky

On May 12, I had a need in my heart for friendly support. I reached out my dragon hand and posted an open invitation for a goal partner.  One of the few people who chose to accept my invitation was Tina Downey at Life is Good. I met Tina during an A to Z Challenge but I didn't get to know her until she became part of the Fellowship of the Dragon. She immediately dazzled me with her amazing enthusiasm, her kindness and the greatness of her spirit. In spite of her serious healthy issues, she proved to be one of the strongest beings I've met. Strong of will, strong in determination, strong in the way she loved and her ability to express it by helping others in every way she could. Tina was such an outstanding person that made her way deep into this dragon's heart in barely three months.

I am not sure if I managed to give her at least a bit of what she expected when she became my dragon fellow. She gave me more than I could have hoped for sure. Eight days before her passing, Dr. Tina (as she asked me to call her) sent me lots of useful advice to ease my Carpal Tunnel Syndrome pain.  She ended her note with the following words.

"Yes, I'm kicking you in the rear, but I suspect you can take it better than most considering those scales are protecting you and your dwarves will likely take me hostage..."

They would have, if given enough time, because Tina was a treasure to be cherished. Tina's health was not the best, but her sense of humor was supreme and her love for life was inspiring. Her warrior spirit reminded me so much of my beloved grandfather, Father Dragon "The Great", that I can't express just how much I regret not getting to know her earlier. Yet, I am extremely grateful for being on at least a small part of her journey.

Additionally to Tina's, another light left my world this weekend. On Friday, my most beloved uncle made his last flight and went back to the Higher Powers. He gave us laughter, wisdom, and love. Lots of love and lots of laughter, mostly against the will of his wife and offspring. His life wasn't easy. He also knew what hell on Earth was, but he always strove to make the best out of everything. He worked devotedly to kindle lights on the paths of those who traveled the dark paths he had traveled and showed them the right ones. He was an endless source of riveting stories. He was the best uncle in dragon history and I'll miss him deeply. He was The Wanderer Dragon and now he is with Grandma and Grandpa "The Great".

Sometimes I wonder what will be left behind when I'm gone. Many believe that one needs to do extraordinary deeds to be remembered or that we need years to leave a mark in peoples' lives.

I used to look back and see no heroic deed, no best-seller book, no award winning artwork, and I thought "I've done nothing to be remembered by."

I knew Tina for a few weeks and I knew the Wanderer Dragon since I can remember. For as long as I live, I'll always remember them both. Not for whatever greatness they achieved in their life, but for the lights they kindled in mine. For every laughter they brought out of my heart, for every kind gesture, for every lesson I learned thanks to them, including this one.

It is the small daily things (that we may consider meaningless) that we do with our heart, that find their way into others' hearts. Those small things set lights in their hearts, leaving the trace of our journey through life. Eventually, they will also light our path when time comes for us to leave this earth. The quality of one's soul can be measured by how much joy he brought to others and how much joy he found in Life, I think.

Life is Good, Tina said. And she'll live on in those who live this good life with a smile despite bad circumstances, like she did.

Godspeed, Tina. Godspeed, beloved uncle. There are tears in my eyes, but the smile in my heart is brighter and bigger. Thank you for enriching my life with your presence. Godspeed and until we meet again, Dragon Hugs!


  1. A beautiful post - celebrating beautiful people as they should be. Thank you.
    And I hope the stars who are Tina and your much loved uncle shine on you always.

  2. I'm sorry you lost your uncle as well, my friend.
    It's not the great deeds, it's the little things we do that people remember. I will never forget my sister Tina. And I will never forget YOU, my dragon friend. Your star already burns bright here.

  3. I echo what Alex says - I am sorry about the Wanderer Dragon and his loss in your life as well as the loss of our beloved Tina. I cannot imagine forgetting you mi nieto. Muchos abrazos. Isn't it amazing how close we can get through cyber connections.

  4. Very sorry to hear about your Uncle. What a heart wrenching weekend.

    The little acts of kindness and generosity do matter. People don't care how much you know until they know how much you care.

  5. Thank you, Al. I only really started to get to know her recently as well, and she will be greatly missed. This post is a wonderful tribute to her memory.

  6. This was a lovely tribute to your Uncle and to Tina. My condolences to you and all Tina's family and friends at this time. I agree it is the small acts of kindness and love that we show each other that will remain long after we are gone. Blessings to you, Al.

  7. Hi Father Dragon - Al - I'm so glad you had those extra special times with Tina ... she was incredibly vibrant and always wanting to give and to help others ...

    Your uncle too - those long memories are so valuable ... I remember vividly the one I spent a lot of time with in his last days here as my mother was terminally ill .. wonderful days - yet desperately sad when we need to say goodbye ...

    ... and too early as in Tina's case ... we are all in shock and very sad for her family ... with thoughts to you too ... Hilary

  8. So sorry to hear about your uncle. Prayers for you and your family. A lovely tribute for two very special people.

  9. So much sorrow for a heart to hold at one time. Even for a dragon heart. It seems others are here to help with that. Wonderful tribute today.

  10. What a beautiful tribute to both Tina and your uncle. My sympathies to you and many hugs. It is truly the little things that matter. Something simple as a kind word can change a life.

  11. How beautifully said Al. You made me cry. Your words are true. It's not the big things that one does that last the longest. It's the little things that take special care and thought to do. They're precious and they last forever in the hearts of those they've touched.

    Hugs for the loss of your uncle. Family is so hard to lose, aren't they? There is so much about life to celebrate and why we of the McKye clan always have a gathering to remember the special things about those we love. It's not about the loss and tears, although we have those moments too. We tell the funny stories, talk about the heartfelt blessings and deeds, the personal other words, we want to celebrated the life of the one who has gone on. It brings a certain comfort, in my opinion.

    Sia McKye Over Coffee

  12. It does seem that those we love are always taken too soon. People like Tina and your uncle are indeed great. They're great because they leave an imprint on our souls that will last a lifetime. I pray you will find comfort and peace. I pray the same for Tina's family and the family of my friend whose father's funeral I attended just five hours ago.

  13. It's amazing the connections the internet brings us, your tribute is beautiful!
    I'm sorry for your loss, Al, but the way Tina and your Uncle touched the lives of others is a living legacy. You, we, are all blessed!

  14. So sorry to hear of both of your losses, Father Dragon. Your post was so heartfelt to read. I can truly relate to loss right now and thank you for sharing with us a small story of your wonderful uncle. It is obvious how much you cared for him, and I'm sure, him for you.
    I will carry Tina with me wherever I go, as I will all of you in the "little" group. You all mean so very much to me. Having never lost a blogging buddy/friend before, I am still reeling from the physical loss of Tina. Like you, I am grateful that at least I had a chance to spend a little time in her world. I feel I am a better person for it. Thanks for sharing Father Dragon...

  15. Hugs Dragon. Without you goal group, I wouldn't have been as blessed with her as I was. Sorry to hear about your uncle. No words, just another hug.

  16. You will be remembered for eons for all the lives you have touched Father Dragon Sir. Live long, be happy, and fill the world with kindness. Or sarcasm - same thing, right :)

  17. Your beautiful loved-filled post brought tears to my eyes. I'm so sorry, Father D., for your double blow this past weekend. We all love you. You expressed everything about life here: that, despite the circumstances, the best, most honorable way to live is to shine our light daily. Everyday acts of kindness matter. This is how you live too.

    Love and blessings.

  18. A wonderful tribute Father Dragon.
    Tina's passing is such a shock... and a great loss too...
    God Bless You!
    ((Ubuntu Hugs))

  19. She was a truly wonderful person. Her legacy lives on in all the people she inspired and encouraged.

  20. So sorry to hear of the loss of your uncle. Bearing a twin loss in one week must be so hard for you. Tina lit up so many lives, I think her light will remain for a long long time after she's gone.

    Hugs to you, Al.

  21. Hugs to you, Father Dragon. I suppose that's the greatest gift we each possess - the ability to leave a light behind in someone's heart.

  22. I'm so sorry for your loss Al and Tina was a treasure.

  23. Hi My Dragon friend,
    What a wonderful and lovely tribute to a lovely person, and sad to note about the demise of your uncle too. Tina was such a loving personality i met in this ocean of www i happened to work with her as a minion to a to z in the yer 2013 and had a good rapport with here, I have post a small note in this regard in my pages at my new web page as well as at my blogger page
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    May you have a great day