Monday, August 4, 2014

Rookie Raiders and Some great skies

First I must thank all those who offered to go raid villages with me. I was surprised always-nice-kind-honorable Captain Ninja wanted to tag along in such dragon games. Tassin thinks he probably is still hungry for boobs, blood and carnage. Well, my friend, there's plenty to be had here. Dwarves want me to organize a big raid with the ninja, Jeremy Hawkings, Lexa CainGrandmother Jo and anyone else who raise their hands. (Let's see how fast they can run.) I only need to find a suitable village and a good camera because I want pictures of this on my wall. Father Dragon and Rookie Raiders' Day Out. Sounds like the title for a children's tale.

Anyway, I have something for Elephant's Child. I know she loves pictures of beautiful skies and many times I've enjoyed  the wonderful images she shares on her blog. Well, she was one of the persons I had in my mind when I took these pictures. I don't know about you, but admiring this perfection that dazzles the eye I can't help to believe in the existence of a Greatest Artist. I hope you enjoy!

May beautiful skies and peaceful thoughts inspire you today. Dragon Hugs!


  1. Just wow! Those images are incredible. She'll appreciate those pictures.
    That's right - one can never have too much blood, boobs, and carnage! Bring it on.

  2. The second one is gorgeous. And look at the mouse in the clouds!

  3. It appears I've missed a few things when I was offline. Raiding villages? Oh my.

    I could enjoy being in any one of these pictures. :-)

    This morning we had misty ground fog and the sun was a huge red ball on the eastern horizon. I wish I had had my camera. It was gorgeous--even if it was 6 a.m.

    Sia McKye Over Coffee

  4. God sure did make a beautiful world. A Master Artist. And your pictures are amazing. Thank you for sharing them!!!

  5. Thank you so very much. I LOVE THEM.
    Blood, boobs and carnage need skies like that as a counterbalance.

  6. Gorgeous skies, grandson. I love them too. As for the raid, I must have missed something too. When are we raiding?

  7. Gorgeous pictures! Raiding villages sounds fun, but I don't know how much carnage that I, a simple squirrel, could do.

  8. Awesome pictures! I bet it was even more beautiful in person! :)

  9. Hi Al - I can see Diane's mouse, but I think I prefer the photo above with the moon being held by two clouds ... but all are great photos ...

    Raiding villages I'm not so sure .. what will greet me and will I need to do more than cower quietly behind a barn, while all dragon raiders do the bloody work ...

    Cheers Hilary

  10. How did I miss this! >.<

    Lovely!!! :D