Monday, July 28, 2014

Technology makes it easier? Not so much

I was surfing FB the other day and ran into an update that got like 100 likes and more or less same amount of comments. My first thought was "Wow! She is really a popular person!" My (rare) FB updates get about 15 likes in a lucky day. I wondered what did she do to get that response from people.

"Interaction", Tassin, my Taskmaster Dwarf, whispered in my ear before I even finished my sentence. "You rarely interact, Sire."

"What do you mean? Being in the social media and having a handle won't automatically make me social and popular?" My dragon roar shook the cave's ceiling.

Tassin adjusted his safety helmet. "Apparently not, Sire."

"This is outraging! This human world is full of false advertising! It's like those special expensive tennis shoes that didn't make me slim just by wearing them 5 minutes a day."

"They worked better when you actually exercised, Sire."

I grumbled some dragon curses. Okay, so technology doesn't make everything for you either. It reminded me of a question I read in a FAQ page of the ultimate version of Corel Draw.

Question: "Will this software make me paint like a professional?"
Answer: "Not really. This is a tool. You still need artistic knowledge and talent to get the best out of it. You are still the one who decides what to paint."

It sounds silly. EXTREMELY silly. But if you think about it a little harder, you would be amazed just in how many aspects of our life, we come to think that things will happen by themselves. That just because we have the right -and best- tools and the wish, things will happen without us making a true effort to get them.

I dropped my lazy butt on my gold bed and glanced at Tassin. "So you're saying that I actually have to make the effort to interact with people in order to be popular."

"Oh no, Sire. Forget social media. Let's go raid some villages instead. That would certainly put you in the hot spot. Sessin and I can drop your dragon size expensive and useless tennis shoes on some unscrupulous seller."

Note to self. Give Tassin, father of Sessin, a raise.

I know I'm so very late to the party, but I was on vacation. Still trying to get the sand out of my scales...and the little umbrellas out of my teeth.

Dragon and Dwarves congratulate David Powers King for his coming book! Great cover!


  1. Can I come along? I've always wanted to pillage and plunder.

  2. I am in need of some plunder too... life is just little dang boring. I find that it's difficult to keep up with the masses via Facebook, Twitter, Blogs and well just leaning out the window to say hello.

  3. Welcome back. You have been missed. Rather a lot - and I hope you had a wonderful, restorative time.

  4. Congrats to David on his new book! I also get about 15 "likes" on a good day, and I make an effort to interact. *sigh* Maybe I should try raiding villages. I'll take the one on the left, you take the one on the right.

  5. Those darn umbrellas--always getting stuck in teeth. Especially those lace ones.

    Hope you get all that sand out!

  6. haha. Oh, social media. Love/hate relationship for sure. I need to find the energy to care. Pillaging sounds way funner!

  7. HI, FD...

    I hope you enjoyed your vacation and wore SUNSCREEN,....You don't want to burn your scales...The sun can be brutal to a delicate dragon hide. LOL.

    Don't post anything on FB Really.... No time. Blogging is more important to me and I spend my time here.... Hope you are well!


  8. I don't do the whole FB thing, I prefer to spend the time I have blogging or the occasional dive into Twittter! Hope you are refreshed after your vacation, good to see you back here.

  9. Hi Father Dragon - I sure hope you and Mother Dragon had some good cups of tea and enjoyed your break away from the fiery cave ... FB fits in that mould too ... I agree building the home fires after a good plunder and pillage sound way more fun ..

    Cheers Hilary

  10. Social Media is a social thing, but a lot of people just use it for bragging rights. It's tricky stuff Al. I'm glad you had a good time, and those little umbrellas get everywhere.

  11. Come to grandmother for help on plundering and pillaging, I can tap into my Viking ancestry.

    It's very true Al, people think if they have the tools the results will be splendid when it is still them doing it anyway. I don't spend a lot of time on FB any more, a lot of it is very boring.

  12. Yeah, social media is just a tool. You still have to USE it to get any benefit from it. Of course, I am not convinced that the number of likes actually tells you anything. But, you know what I mean...

  13. What a wise dwarf! Interaction is so very important. Though I would rather have a few solid friends who appreciate me for me than a hundred likes. And I like you...though my facebook time has been shortened and I rarely like or see much of anything.

  14. Hope you had a good vacation! Sounds like your dwarves are on to something! :)

  15. Yes, you actually have to interact. Otherwise it's like going to a party and just standing silently in the corner. Not much will happen.

  16. I know exactly how you feel over on FB. I rarely post there (doing most things on Google Plus) and don't interact much, but I'm still flabbergasted when someone else's goofy posts gets tons of 'likes' and mine get one or

    Oh well, it's only the internet, after all :)

  17. Interaction is important, BUT then there's Facebook who forces us to get email (and smartphone!) notifications of EVERY. COMMENT. that comes after ours on someone's post. That's why I'm often guilty of 'like'ing and moving on.

    Do what you can, Father Dragon, and be kind to yourself. There are only so many hours in a day.

  18. Hardest part about marketing, interaction, getting your presence "out" there. Don't like it much. It takes away from writing. I think I'd like to ride along on that pillage ride too Father Dragon! Can I go! I'll film it, and put it up on YouTube and Facebook!

  19. Hi and here I am--interacting. My middle name has now been officially changed to Interact.
    C. Interact McKenzie to be exact. The Lee wasn't snappy enough to garner attention.

    So glad you wrote this post and validated my decision. Hope your vacation has soothed your scales and that you've gotten rid of all that sand. I still look at your vacation photos and make do with those as my summer getaway. Welcome back.

  20. Nice to have you back Father Dragon. So I guess those tennis shoes are kinda like my gym membership. (You actually have to go.)