Friday, June 28, 2013

Empty the Cup to Renew its Content and Friday Celebrations

Improve life quality
Improve as a thinking individual
Improve health
Improve writing skills
Improve sociability

This is part of my list. I bet you all have lists similar to mine. One wishes to obtain something and makes his best to get it. We wish, we seek, we desire and we chase. Our main focus is in getting our goal. Few times we take time to consider whether or not we want to make space for those things "to enter" our life. I want new furniture for my home but I don't want to let go of the old one. I want health but I don't want to let go of the bad habits. I want to write a good book but I don't want to let go of the parts that don't work. I want to change the things I don't like about myself but I don't want to let go of the erroneous ideas that have been ruling myself for centuries. In the name of the Dragon Ancestors, can someone explain to me how is it possible to fill a cup that's already full?

If you pour the purest water into a cup filled with rancid coffee, it won't taste to Swiss water (and here we question the quality of the water). If you get new furniture for your house but don't take the old furniture out, you'll not get a pretty house, but a cluttered mess (and it's not the new furniture's fault.) If you write new brilliant scenes for your old manuscript but don't get rid of those that don't work, you'll get a book the size of the Encyclopedia Britannica (but no one will read it.) Most of the time we resist to get rid of things, habits or words because they are impregnated with sentimental value. Whether the sentiment is good or bad, the benefit of clinging to said thing, habit or word is still questionable.

I was raised under the premise true love doesn't exist. The premise says there is always a known or unknown interest behind what people know as "love". An expectation of retribution, like a negotiation of sorts. The premise concludes true love is not conditioned. It is given without any expectation whatsoever. Therefore, true love does not exist in this world.  Don't freak. Dragons are odd creatures. Anyway, my point is not the true nature of love but an example of how we can cling to things for the wrong reasons. I recently accepted I don't like that premise. I clang to it because I respect and look up to the dragon who taught it to me. It has hurt me for centuries and yet, I am finding difficult to let it go.

In the search for my miracle, I've changed many things because they didn't work anymore. This week, I changed my Internet service provider, my old email account, my WiP (so much I'm not sure if I changed it or just dumped it to start from scratch). Most importantly, I've changed moods, priorities and beliefs. New ideas, habits and hopes were welcomed but I failed to make room for them. I got cluttered and conflicted because my cup was still full (of shit, but full) when I chose to pour purified water in it. My inner voice is getting louder. "Empty the cup and let go..."

Please do take notice the dragon has migrated from yahoo to gmail. Now you can contact me at fatherdragon1 at gmail dot com. Hopefully gmail works better and my messages don't get lost in cyberspace again. I was starting to believe I suffered from random and inexplicable cases of ostracism... until I realized there was a pattern with that account. (Duh!)

Celebrate the small things is the brilliant idea of VikLit. Each Friday we post something we wish to celebrate achieving or doing during the week. It can be writing/reading or life related. You can find the list and join us here.

1. This week I had an appointment with one of the two specialists that treat me. Dragon is improving!!! This is a picture of what was once an impossible dream. Minutes at the left, miles at the right. My miracle is taking shape.

2. I turned my manuscript into confetti. Yes, I'm actually glad of this. I have the tickling feeling it will be reborn from its ashes into something better. Or maybe that's just Pancholin dusting the confetti off my scales. Anyway, there's a saying around here. "Renovate or die." I'm going for the first.

3. Mina Lobo at Some Dark Romantic shared with me the Inspirational Liebster Blog Award. Thank you for thinking on the big old dragon! (Yes Alex, I still take pride on being much older than you. ;))

 Mina didn't ask any questions (probably she knows I break the rules every time.)  Yet I'll tell you 7 things this time.

1. I'm going to turn 802 in August.
2. I've never had a big birthday party with all my friends.
3. I plan to have one big on-line birthday party with my dragon friends (who will be cloned so their absence is not noticed at their homes.)
4. Sessin and Milin are working in a cloning machine based on observations of a working one.
5. Sessin is working under the influence of Jezebel's punch "Bebida de fuego para derretir enanos." (She sent him some bottles.) One can only guess what the result will be.
6. It will be a Disco party, with a show of Disco Dwarfs, Disco Knight and Disco Ninja. (Don't ask. I can't deny or confirm any rumor. We don't want to give them chance to change their mind.)
7. I still don't like chocolate.

I nominate Cherie Reich because she plans, she writes and she delivers at an amazing speed. And she's good. To me, visiting her blog is like a nudge to get at least one of my plans done.

Have an excellent weekend.  I see you next Fri... Wednesday for the IWSG. Does anybody else feel days are passing a bit too fast?


  1. Yes, most definitely, days are passing a bit too fast.
    Mina is a dear, and Cherie very deserving.
    Breaking the rules is not a bad thing, when you do it so kindly!
    I have done almost the same thing with the manuscript for book 3, but yes, indeed, I love the direction the story is going now! The muse knows, the muse always knows!
    Happy Friday, Father Dragon!

  2. Al, it's great to hear that your health is improving. Awesome news!

    Sometimes, as much as we hate to admit it, change can do us good and it sounds like you've made some changes for the better.

    Have a great weekend and see you for IWSG :)

  3. It's going to be July in a couple of days. How is that possible and where the hell are the brakes? lol! And it seems to be the season for looking at Manuscripts and dumping huge chunks and rewriting. Happy writing!

    Changing habits, regardless of our species, isn't easy. There is a certain comfort in what we know. Changing is grabbing onto pieces of things we don't know.

    Yay on moving towards good health. It's a battle I've faced, and so far seem to be conquering, for last couple of years. It truly robs you of time, clear thinking, and joy. But, it feels good to be on the other side. Fingers crossed for you!

    See you on Wednesday!


  4. This week has dragged on and on for me. It happens when I get bored at the day job. I've been diligently working on the training manual I volunteered to write, but that's so dry and . . boring :(

    Glad to see your health is improving, and you are integrating many new/old concepts into your new outlook. Be well my friend. Well and satisfied with your decisions.

    Oh no, is it ISWG again! So soon! Oh no, I have other plans for this weekend.

    Have a good weekend Sir; I look forward to your party :)


    1. What were your plans, Donna? If they involve ice cream, I might escape and join you. :)

      I've had boring jobs. It sucks, doesn't it? I would try to make them entertaining, but sometimes it was hard. But the best news is that the weekend is here, so enjoy!

    2. I ate Ice cream for you Sir. Yum Yum. My other plans involved my daughter's wedding planning and shopping, and finding a house for me to buy/rent. No housing prospects, but the wedding is proceeding as planned.

      I had a good weekend, even if it didn't get me all I wanted. Sometimes I just gotta be satisfied with spending time with people I love for no other reason than it feels good. It felt good just to be there and feel the love. And I brought icecream, and thought of you, and wished you were sitting beside me.

      If you and Mother ever need a red-neck vacation, I got a red solo cup with your name one it :)


    3. Thanks for the invitation! I certainly include it in the Father Dragon tour all USA, whenever I make it. And thanks for including me in the ice cream date as well. :D

  5. How wonderful that your health is improving, and that you have the wisdome to recognise that your cup was overflowing with crap and the courage to take steps to clean out the cup and make room for better things.
    And I envy Sessin being sent bottles of Jezebel's punch.

    1. I will save some for the party. Just keep it secret between us or everyone will want. ;)

  6. I'm not sure what time is doing right now, but I'll let you know when I figure it out;)
    So glad you're on the up-swing - keep it up! And as for throwing the MS confetti, Mama Dragon didn't have to clean it up, did she?

  7. Pleased to know your health is on the mend.The days are passing so very quickly, here we are at the end of June already.
    Have a great week-end.

  8. Hola amiguito:)

    Dear Al... wow... I am *nearly* speechless and wish I could give you a BIG, FAT ManHug :)

    No, seriously I do :)

    I will say that I totally believe that true love exists and if it's never happened to you yet - just you wait and see... 802 is young for a Dragon, I promise:)

    PS... I *LOVE* that you have shed some "old" things and shook up some "old" things in your life. I do the same, sometimes, whether its book ideas, clothes, "stuff" in the garage. My rule: If I haven't worn it, used it or written in it for two years, I'm not missing anything:)

    Have a safe, happy and restful weekend:)

  9. We'll definitely have to have a virtual party for you!
    Remember I'm cloned - I'll live forever.
    It's like putting clean clothes on a dirty body - looks a little better, but ultimately it's not going to help. We need a bath first.
    We call that kind of true love agape love. It's how God loves us. We try to love that way and often fail, but it's not impossible.
    And good for you with thta manuscript. We know where total rewrites can lead...

  10. Days pass way too quickly! I look forward to your virtual party let us know when the clone machine is working. So glad your health is improving that is the best reason to celebrate.

  11. You have to remove the negative first. Then the positive is more effective. So wise of you to realize this.

    Your birthday party sounds like fun!

  12. I am thrilled that my adorable dragon is improving. I too need to reduce my old ms to confetti. Perhaps it will be reborn as a better ms.

  13. Glad to hear of health improvements, that's wonderful. Out with the old, in with the new, always good to cut away the dead wood. I believe true love exists, sorry you were taught otherwise. Yes, I agree, 802 is young for a dragon so there's lots of time. Looking forward to your birthday party. Do the Mexican authorities know they have a dragon in their midst?

    1. Hush! Keep your voice down. This is Top Secret.

  14. So much to comment on today: Most importantly your health and your improvement. That's truly wonderful. Also tossing out the old and bringing in the new is always uplifting and regenerating. You've stirred me action. Oh, and have you ever drunk Dragon Well Tea? Your over-full cup reminded me of its taste and lovely aroma.

    1. Dragon Well Tea? I don't think so. I should look for it. :)

  15. Glad you got another much-deserved award, my friend. Also very very glad to hear there is hope on the health front. What light that must give your soul.

    Your post struck a chord with me. I struggle to let go of the old tapes in my head and heart I cling tenaciously to. Some of them are the blocks of my personality and letting them go means letting a bit of me go, and that is difficult and scary. I'm going to ponder your words a bit-- thank you for sharing your heart.

  16. The days are moving too quickly! I'm so glad to hear your health is improving - both physically and mentally as you throw out the old and scrub away the notions that hold you back. It's so hard to toss out what doesn't work when it's comforting to us so congrats on doing it!
    Sessin is working on your birthday party while under the influence of Jezebel's punch? Oh dear...

    1. We have to trust, Laura. I've never seen the squad so happy in my life. Besides they get kind of hilarious when they are drinking Jezebel's punch. I've nearly forgiven Sessin about the interview. The fact he gave me a bottle didn't influence my decision. (Right).
      Thank you and bolita with all dragon's heart!

  17. I'm so glad the health is getting better! And yay for the upcoming birthday! We'll definitely have to have a virtual celebration (since the dragon cave is a bit far away).

    Thank you so much nominating me! It made my day! :)

  18. Time definitely is racing by for me too.

    So glad to hear that you're doing better. :-)

    Also, I so agree with you about our cups running over. I used to feel trapped in my life until the day I realized that the true prison was in my thoughts, not my life.

  19. I just love all your good news, renewed outlook and colorful are after all capable of doing that...right...chameleons are in your ancestry line...right? At any rate it's good to hear health is improving, writing will rise from the ashes, and it's Birthday Party Time!!! Whoop Whoop...we do love Virtual Birthday Parties. We'll watch for Alex's announcement...he throws the best parties!

    Happy Weekend my Friend!
    Sue CollectInTexasGal~Today's Post~
    Fridays Faces...Minister of Scriptures

    1. Hi Sue! I don't think chameleons are in my bloodline but probably distant cousins'. I have an uncle's whose eyes move just like those of a chameleon. Each one points a different direction. :D
      It will be a cool party for sure, yeahhh!

  20. Dragon cheers and kudos! I needed to hear so much of that today. I too try had my own lesson in giving up the old and trying something newer and fresher. I like your analogy with the bitter coffee, I will make note of it.

    So glad to hear your health is improving!!! That makes my chaotic day bright. :)

    My birthday is also in August, so I will happily party along with you!!! I'm going to be 44, not nearly as impressive as 802!

    1. We'll party together! What a wonderful idea!!!! Must make some notes. This will be so exciting I'm already bouncing on my tail, like tigger. :)

  21. I had an experience similar to this with my own health. I have had a constant migraine for ten years. I scheduled an appointment with a new doctor several months ago. She wanted to make a lot of changes. They were scary. BUT, all of the old things were doing nothing to make me better. I was ten years into this thing and still living with a migraine. So, I took a leap of faith and did the scary thing. It meant changing a lot of things. And I am better. Not perfect by a long shot, but showing improvement.

    As far as writing goes, I recently read a list of 10 suggestions by Joss Whedon. One of those things was to JUST FINISH IT. Another one was to cut out whatever your favorite part of the story is, no matter how painful that is. Often that is what is keeping it from moving forward. You may end up putting that part back in as is, or in some reinvented way, but if you cut it out, it will change everything. You will see your WIP in a completely different way. That thing we love most is like "the forest for the trees." I had never thought of that, but the man is successful and I am not, so he probably has a point!

    Happy birthday! Disco down my friend:)

    1. Yes, drastic changes are always scary, even for a dragon. But as you say, they prove very useful and effective. I'm also improving. A long road ahead but at least I'm seeing we're moving forward. That's encouraging.
      As for my manuscript, I think that's what I did. I took the favorite parts of it out, which were 98% of it, hahaha. Some might return, some might not, but it took a different shape. :)
      I'll be sending you the official invitation so get to practice some moves!

  22. Aw, Father Dragon ... you get the gold star this week for most improved blogger! Now let go of all those old ways and fly!

    Oh! And always respect Jezebel. She knows things.

    Happy Weekend!

  23. I'm not quite as old as you, Father Dragon, but close. It's been my experience that true love exists, but it doesn't last forever. Why? Because people change, just as you noticed some major changes this week.
    Congrats on the health improvement and your Liebster award! Good luck on your confetti/WIP. :-)

  24. I agree, Father Dragon. The days are moving too fast and I feel like I can't keep up. Does love exist? If we feel it in our hearts it does.

    I'm sorry to hear about your manuscript. I haven't done that yet, but have wanted to many times.

    Change is good but moving in a positive direction is always best. :)

  25. Dude, I told the folks tagged to answer the questions I answered, yo. ;-)
    Also, if anyone send you any chocolate on the occasion of your 802nd birthday, would you be so kind as to send it my way? :-D
    Some Dark Romantic

  26. So glad to hear you're doing better! That is wonderful news worth celebrating indeed! :)

  27. Glad to hear your health is better, and congrats on the award. I have a story or two I'd love to make into confetti, but am too scared to. Might be liberating to do so though.

  28. Congrats on the award and glad to hear your health is improved.

  29. Hi Al .. yes time passeth far too quickly .. and I too am sorting all things out - so life is changing for the better j'espere!

    Good for you - so pleased you're feeling better - that is excellent news .. sounds like positive attitude is prevailing and that will lead to an easier life .. but turning 802 - is interesting .. and if I'm invited to the party - I'd love to come ... I'll bring some healthy salads ...

    Cheers and long may improvement continue - til at least your 803!! Hilary

  30. I wanted to do a happy dance when I read that you are improving!! Best news I've heard in a long time. So pleased and happy for you. :)

  31. My friend,

    And you shall continue to live your life with realistic positive anticipation, rather than negative speculation :) You get better and you listen to the true wisdom of your inner voice, your inner child. The other inner voice and an environment that would devalue your right to a peaceful, positive life, tells lies.

    In kindness,

    Gary :)

  32. Dragon cheers for positive changes!!!
    And way to go with your health!

    I don't get rid of everything, but now and then I have to purge books off my shelves, clothes out of my closet (heck, if I get that small again, I hope I can afford to buy something new), and chapters out of my book. I had a revision chapter that sucked recently and although it was painful, it's now in the garbage.

    You are one amazing dragon and you deserve to celebrate your birthday in style! Disco . . . does that mean we all get to point our fingers and jive like Travolta?

    And yes, the days are going way too fast!!!

    I hope all goes well with you, and your new writing! Each day brings a new beginning!

  33. Oh, and I think love exists . . .but sometimes it's takes a little of another four letter word to keep it constant - w-o-r-k. I know that doesn't sound very romantic, but the work involved in love actually can be. Even when we are both grumpy or out of sorts, my hubby and I always hug and kiss goodbye, goodnight, and hello - even if the last words we shared were a disagreement. When I find myself irritated, I try to count at least ten things I love about my husband - sometimes when we're both steamed, I struggle to make it past number four, but I keep going, and by the time I reach number ten, I'm usually back in love mode. Love is an attitude and an action, as well as a wonderful feeling.

    Sorry, if I went off there . . . it's one of my soapbox moments.

    Hope all is well with you.

  34. I agree that we have to let go of the old to let in the new. I love how eloquently you described it, because yes, sometimes the cup IS full of shit.
    I do believe in true love!
    See you next Friday, Father Dragon.
    Tina @ Life is Good

  35. Amazing post as always. I'm so happy to read about the improvement in your health. Making confetti out of things that don't work? Seems perfect to me, greatness shall be reborn! Oh and Al? I went ahead and left you an award on my blog too, just so you know ;)

    ........*Bebida de fuegos para derretir enanos*, como yo soy enana mejor nunca tomarlo :D.....

  36. Phew! I find it hard enough to think of one scene going to the cutting floor. To think of starting a manuscript over is hard for me to fantom (is that the right spelling/word??) But you are a miracle worker in what you can accomplish, and I have all the faith that you will write what will be your first masterpiece. Glad you're getting better. Writer’s Mark

  37. It sure is a breath of fresh air to visit you after a long break, Dragon. You're doing some amazing things and you know what? Even dragons need a change. You'll find the time for all you wish to do. That's the lesson I learned during my absence. :)

  38. 802! That makes me feel better. Now forty-(something) doesn't seem so bad. :P

    Great post, Al. Glad things are getting better for you. :)

  39. Every time I stop by I'm reminded how much you touch my heart and soul. Letting go of the old to make room for the new. Changing our attitudes to change our life. What a concept. Thanks for the pep talk. You cannot imagine how much I needed that. It pays to enlist the help and experience of a dragon.

  40. 802? I don't think you look a day over 200! Must be all the pampering you get from the dwarves. The confetti might go well with the disco show, just spruce it up with some glitter first. :)

    I'm most glad to hear the good news on the health front! Most glad!

  41. I hope that you have let go of all that is bad and have gathered all the new that is good. Great news from your doctors. I'm so glad.

    And, yes, the days, weeks, and months are all running by too quickly.

  42. Renovate or.die. I love ! And happy 804th birthday to you sir!

  43. Sorry for being late to this one, but writing is consuming. This is so poignant for me right now. In a lot of ways. there are things I have wanted to change for years but letting go of what I was used to is always hard.

    Well except for the love thing, I have always been a romantic. Good luck on fresh starts.

  44. I've always believed in accepting change.
    Change is inevitable. It's a given.
    But humans have a strange habit of resisting change. Why? There are different reasons. One of them is fear of the unknown. Another is complacency. We love the familiarity of our comfort zones, it's what we know... what we're accustomed to...
    But the comfort zone can stifle growth. It often leads to stagnation. We need to change... to let go... to grow...
    Thanks for the reminder...

    Like you, I love disco dancing and don't really like chocolate!
    So if you're looking for a Disco Dancing Diva to lead the way at the party, I volunteer... complete with suitable attire, which would be sequined bell-bottomed outfit, platform footwear and the accompanying disco choreographed moves!