Friday, April 26, 2013

Chronicles of the Dragon Cave from A to Z: "W" is for Word of Honor

   Once I read something along the lines of "a person's worth is only equal to the value of his word." I believe it true.
   Our words and actions speak loud and clear of what is inside our hearts. Those who open their mouths to only speak crap is because crap is all they have inside and that's the value they have accepted for themselves.
    No one can understand better the value and nature of words than a writer, but my word of honor goes beyond showing you what is in my heart. Honoring my word at any rate is my way to keep myself alive.
   If it is quite tough for people to trust other people, it is even tougher for them to trust on dragons. Just check history. Western dragons are usually the representation of an evil force. They are destructive and often mindless beasts that only breath fire and turn everything to ashes.
   Eastern dragons are luckier in those regards. Eastern people are more willing to believe in the positive force of a dragon spirit. Father Dragon's appearance is not the result of ignorance. There are Eastern and Western features because values, beliefs and knowledge from both hemispheres shaped me.
   In any case, appearances matter little. Our eyes often deceive us. Many times, appearances have stopped people from discovering what is the truth beyond the fire, the demon-like wings and scales. My ultimate goal in the blogosphere is first and foremost to tell you who I am. The value of my word is what tells you about my true essence and spirit. If by sharing a bit of dragon wisdom, I can encourage you somehow, excellent! It is up to you to decide if I am worthy of your trust and friendship or not.
   I am a dragon. I breath fire. I have a temper accordingly to my nature, but I have the highest sense of honor. My word of honor speaks of my true value to you, but more important, to myself, to my Ancestors, and to the Higher Powers that no one can fool.

Friday of Celebration

   Celebrate the small things is the brilliant idea of VikLit. Each Friday we post something we wish to celebrate achieving or doing during the week. It can be writing/reading or life related. You can find the list and join us here.
   I made a small modification to the way I do this Meme. Instead of listing what I did during the week, I will  list every week ten things I love about Life. The challenge is not to repeat myself and mention things that meant a vivid joy when I lived them. So here it goes:

1. Singing and dancing in the rain.
2. Making people turn around because my Halloween disguise is the most awesome ever.
3. First time seeing fireflies and thinking those were fairies.
4. Not having time to make wishes because I'm witnessing a star rain.
5. Seeing the evening star appear in the sky exactly when I have a dire wish in my heart and start humming "When you wish upon a star."
6. Feeling the caress of the breeze and comforting hug of the surrounding nature.
7. Finding the answer I were looking for in coincidental places like books, magazines, or ads at the bus stop, but getting this feeling it's no coincidence.
8. Running around working sprinklers.
9. Peace sliding along sunlight beams to put a smile on my face.
10. Cotton candy melting in my mouth.

Tell us what are you celebrating today. Tomorrow I'm giving you the X-Dwarf Files and the mystery of the ninja cloning machine. I hope you can help me solve this most enigmatic case. Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Wonderful as always, today I am celebrating I am still pain free in my shoulders after having shots three weeks ago.


  2. I love running through sprinklers. Not yet, though. Too cold :)
    And yes, a person's words and actions do mirror their heart. Totally agree.

  3. An honorable man/dragon's word, is worth more than gold. I am glad I met such an awesome Dragon.

  4. You are worthy and may your dragon wisdom always ring true.

    You know, I've never seen a firefly.

  5. You are indeed a dragon of honor! Of that I have no doubt. You are genuine.
    Dwarf X-Files - bring it on!

  6. You are definitely a most honourable dragon. It's true that what we say reflects so much about us.

  7. A very honourable dragon, you breathe words of wisdom as well as fire.

    Looking forward to the Dwarf X-Files.


  8. Very well written post and it makes a very good point. I am someone who takes a very long time to completely trust someone, but once I do, you're in my heart forever. And I always stick to my word.

  9. I have very little to offer apart from my words, so I hope they are of some value.

    Moody Writing

  10. May your words be more powerful than the silence they fill.

  11. Dragon Al, your wisdom, your honor, and your encouragement fill the page with wonderful moments and beauty. Thank you for sharing your words and your actions.

    I love your Celebrate list, especially 1, 5, 7, 8, 9, and 10! :)

  12. You sir are a fine Dragon. Your words have weight and I have no doubt that you use them with respect and more definitely honor.

    Awww, fireflies/ fairies.. all cute ;)
    Singing and dancing in the rain are some of my best childhood memories *sigh*

  13. Al, you come across as a man of honor, who will keep his word.

  14. What a beautiful post and a fine list of items to celebrate.

  15. Beautiful things to celebrate indeed. Will we be able to see that costume?

    As a westerner, I love dragons, as my first impressionable cinematic experience of them was "Pete's Dragon," a move that stays in my heart.

    Unfortunately, especially in the states, those judgmental and negative ideas get the most limelight because the people who are most successful in that field often judge by appearances more than anything else. Your point is therefore well taken. Writer’s Mark

  16. Love the items on your list. Especially #7 - so exciting when that happens!

  17. I love that you've blended both East and West into your dragon-being! Recently, I've been reminded how very much honor should be placed above all else. In regards to that, your #7 is has been happening to me here, on your blog, for a number of days now. I don't believe in coincidence, my new and valued friend.

  18. Glad that you understand honor as being so important.

  19. Now I really want to see your Halloween disguise!

    Happy Friday to you and everyone there in the Cave. :)

  20. This is such a thoughtful post, Al. And so true too...especially the part about cotton candy. Happy Friday to you, dear dragon:)

  21. Singing in the rain and watching fireflies, simple pleasures are the best.

  22. I think you are right about a person's worth and their word. Our honor is our most precious commodity. Once we sell that, we have sold ourselves. It may take a while to figure it out. And take even longer to earn it back. Some people work a lifetime to get it back. So, it is best to teach your children the value of it from the start. As for dragons... east/west - it is all about perspective, no? If you look at something from another direction, it is completely different. That is a good lesson in dragons and other things. I am thankful for that thought.

  23. I have a special place in my heart for dragons. My eldest grandson (the light of my life) is named Drake. I pray he will always be an truly honorable dragon.

    Celebrating today? Well, how about picking Drake up at school yesterday after I'd been gone a week and having him greet me with a big hug. In front of all his eighth grade buddies.

  24. "...the truth beyond the fire." hmmm... Sounds a bit familiar. :-) Rest well in May, dear friend, for I hope to be reading more chapters before July.

  25. I was just telling my Mom tonight how words have power... A timely post for me!

  26. I'm celebrating having gotten this far into the Challenge.
    A most encouraging post. Thanks for that.

    Silvia @ Silvia Writes

  27. This one always "gets" me - "7. Finding the answer I were looking for in coincidental places like books, magazines, or ads at the bus stop, but getting this feeling it's no coincidence." Really, it is a coincidence by definition, but it is no mistake!!!! Love those!

  28. Excellent post all around. Words are so powerful and I love your perspective on them. Dragons- perhaps the "bad" ones are just misunderstood and their reputation took over. Maybe? What to celebrate this week? The smell of my flower garden- after a very long winter it's the best reminder that even if it takes a while, the lilacs will bloom. Eventually.
    A2Z Mommy And What’s In between