Thursday, April 11, 2013

Chronicles of the Dragon Cave from A to Z: "J" is for Jewel

   "Run for cover!" Pancholin waved his arms, passing by Tassin and Carmelita. "Help! Help! Call the Chaos Control Commando!"
    Carmelita grabbed Pancholin by the shoulders and shook the panic off him. "You are the Chaos Control Commando!"
   "Oh right!" Pancholin blinked. "Oh no!" He braced and hid behind her.
   A bunch of gold coins and jewels flew everywhere.
   Tassin and Carmelita took cover behind a stalagmite. The task master looked at the fat handyman dwarf curled at their feet. "Let me guess, the Master's Jewel of Joy has arrived."
   Playful roars muffled any answer. The Ninja Muse leaped on the stalactites in her best imitation of Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. A stuffed Angry Bird hit her in the face and she plopped down at Tassin's feet. "Bullseye."
  Soon after, dwarves fell here and there, hit by plushy Angry Birds. The hatchling's laughter delighted the elderly dragon, whose cheers rumbled in the cave. "Yipee!"
  Tassin  motioned Carmelita for the camera and peeked at the master with his little nephew.
 "That's the most magical jewel in Father Dragon's treasure," he whispered. "It grants him joy and renews his power-"
  A cheerful squeal interrupted him. "We need more Angry Birs, Al!"
  "Pancholin, bring the costumes!" The thunderous order made the handyman dwarf cringe.
  Tassin waved his hand at the camera. "We better go to the other end of the Main Chamber, unless you want to be hit by a flying dwarf in an Angry Bird costume. I'll tell you about the very first knight that befriended a Father Dragon."


  1. Yay for Angry Birds! They're even more fun than jewels! :-)

  2. This was a fun, playful piece.

  3. i am hearing many themes on music in my head... louder, louder... louder!

  4. A flying dwarf in an Angry Birds costume - funny!!
    Another surprise for you today, Al.

  5. Jewels, Ninja and Angry birds, quite a mélange today. Sounds like fun in the cave.


  6. I'm here thanks to Alex. Your artistic creations are wonderful.


  7. Angry Birds, jewels... it's melee! Your post was fun as usual!
    Dani @ Entertaining Interests

  8. I cracked up that poor Pancholin forgot he was the chaos commander LOL. Very fun piece and I love the picture!

  9. @Lexa: I was introduced to the fun of Angry Birds by my nephew. And they are fun now.
    @Medeia: Just like him.
    @Suzzane: This kind is the one I love the most.
    @Jeremy: I wonder...
    @Alex: Hahaha. You're giving me arrhythmia, but thank you!
    @Diane: With him it is only games!
    @Jo: You have no idea. When he comes, everything is fun.
    @Rawknrobyn: Thank you very much. Welcome to the Dragon Cave. :)
    @Dani: I'm glad you liked it! :D
    @Julie: I think I chose the wrong commander. Not very brave.

  10. Love the Jewel of joy, and the angry birds fun! Great post Al!

  11. This bird, tries not to be too Angry. LOL

  12. That Ninja Muse is a heck of a lot better than I am targeting and bringing down Angry Birds. It's a good thing that game was a college course, or I'd still be trying for my B.A.

  13. Such fun post :D
    I enjoy both Angry Birds and Jewels!

  14. @Tyrean: Now I have a collection of Angry Birds. :)
    @jaybird: hahaha, good call!
    @Lee: hahaha, I'm not very good either. My nephew is the master.
    @S.K: I'm glad, I'll show you our collection of Angry Birds later. :)

  15. Jewel of Joy...I have one of those who arrives twice a week to shower us in gold coins and jewels. Often wearing his 'Angry Bird' costume. What a is this Letter 'J' post. Funny...Forgetful Chaos Commander!!!

    Sue CollectInTexasGal
    AtoZ LoneStar Quilting Bee

  16. Love your playful side FD...

    Angry birds are AWESOME!!!!!!!

  17. Ha! Flying dwarves in Angry Birds costumes...that must be quite a sight to watch (from behind the safety of a stalagmite). At least the Jewel of Joy is entertained by it. :)
    Awesome story, as usual!

  18. Angry birds tickle me. They are so cute. And so are your dwarfs (do they mind if I call them cute?) the two combined is wonderful.

  19. I loved your story about the pinata! Yours was awesome!! Isn't it great what we can do when we put our mind to it?? I did that with the pixies, just put myself to work and out they came. :)

  20. Sounds like the cave gets livelier each day. What's going to happen in May? :)

  21. Dragons and angry birds! sounds like fun!

  22. lol - I've never played Angry Birds, but this was a very cute story:)

  23. I'd be chuckling along with the dragon. Sounds like a fun jewel... definitely mischievous. The graphic with the post is awesome. There's tons of fun going on in the Dragon Cave this month.

  24. Nice! Crouching tiger, hidden dragon, angry bird!

  25. This was a fun entry! Although I'm still grumpy about this obsession with Angry Birds. Although it's an ironic game to have caused an obsession of that magnitude. We've been waiting a long time for a successor to Mario and Sonic. Although perhaps they're more like Hungry Hungry Hippos or Pac Man...

  26. @Sue: My jewel doesn't have a costume yet. He prefers to bring them down. :)
    @Michael: He truly makes them so.
    @Laura: Yeah, fun to watch and fun to make them fall. :)
    @Elizabeth: No, they don't mind. They are not at home so they don't hear you, hahaha.
    @PK: Thank you! And your pixies are a hit. People love them! and dragons too.
    @Mark: We are going back to normal life, thankfully.
    @Noree: They are! Thanks for visiting!
    @M.J: Before the nephew I never did either.
    @MPax: Terribly mischievous, we are mischievous pals. :)
    @David: Thanks!
    @Tony: Believe me, if not for my nephew I would have not entered the craziness. But for him, I would even eat chocolate (the horror!!)

  27. Hehehe! This one made me laugh. My son adores Angry Birds.

  28. This story gets more creative all the time. I love the Jewel of Joy. And dwarves in Angry Birds costumes.... soooo funny.

  29. Love it! As always. And Pancholin forgetting he was the Chaos Control Commando was priceless.

  30. Haha! Two Js: Jewel and Joy, plus Angry Birds! Made my day! Love the image too. :)

    #atozchallenge, Kristen's blog:

  31. And again, this is precisely why I love this blog. Enough said. :)

  32. dwarfs in Angry Bird costumes... now there's an image.

  33. @Christine: They have a great charm for little ones, it seems.
    @Robin: I'm glad you liked it!
    @Jeff:That dwarf is hopeless, hahaha.
    @Heather: Thanks!
    @Kristen: I love to put smiles on people's faces. :)
    @Karen Tamara: Dragon hugs.
    @Lynda: We try to be original, hahaha.

  34. Intriguing images...was definitely not expecting the Angry Birds. ;)