Tuesday, February 2, 2021

Grandmother Dragon Forever

It feels like centuries since the last time I wrote something for the Dragon Cave. Only something of great importance would drag me out of my retirement and this is it; the passing of a kind, loving, caring lady like Jo Wake from Jo on Food, Life and a Scent of Chocolate. 

It was me who first gave her the title of "Grandmother Dragon". I met her during an A to Z Challenge, back in 2013, when I was a frequent blogger. She became a frequent visitor of the Dragon Cave and quickly grew into my heart. On 2014, she accepted my invitation to join a Goal Partner Group, along with Alex J. Cavanaugh, David Powers King, Elizabeth Seckman, Lisa Buie-Collard, Melissa Maygrove, Carrie Buttler, Mark Koopmans, Tina Downey, and Eva Solar, who joined us after Tina passed away. I never imagined this group would grow to become a family who shared a lot more than personal and professional goals. We became the Fellowship of the Dragon.

I remember I often argued with Captain Ninja about who of us was older (me, of course, for several centuries). Jo was the one who always remembered (and reminded us) of everybody's birthdays, special occasions, she encouraged us and put a smile on our faces with her comments. She was fun and loving but also firm and truthful. One day I asked her if I could adopt her as my grandmother, because she reminded me to my mother's mother. First time I told her she could be my grandmother she wasn't flattered. She said she wasn't THAT old, hahaha. I still laugh at the memory. I told her she wasn't as old as a dragon but she had the heart of one, and so she became my Grandmother Dragon. It didn't take too long for her to adopt everyone in the group under her "wing". We went through a lot of stuff together.  Along the years we shared thoughts, hearts and a bit of our souls. I never met her in the flesh but I knew her and she really knew me. The day her voice went silent was the day our Fellowship lost also a huge part of its essence. I feel very lucky and grateful for all the things she did and said that enriched my life and the life of all those in our group. My dragon heart will always treasure her memory for as long as I live. She had a heart of gold.

 She loved good recipes and in her honor, we are sharing a recipe that brings us memories of love, family and friendship. My recipe is for Molletes, as we know them in Mexico. In Spain they have something similar they call Tapas. Jo loved Tapas and my real grandmother loved Molletes. They are very easy to do.


Photo: Vvsupremo
1 bolillo (it's like a baguette but smaller)

1 cup of fried beans

1 cup of white onion

4 large red tomatoes

1/2 cup fresh coriander

1 jalapeño or serrano pepper (if you like hot)

1/4 cup lime juice

3/4 teaspoon sea salt

Manchego cheese in slices


First chop the tomatoes, onion, coriander and  jalapeño finely. Add the salt and lime juice, to your taste. Mix everything and let it rest for 15 minutes. In Mexico this is known as salsa "Pico de Gallo".

Cut the bolillo in half horizontally. Spread two spoons of fried beans all over the surface. Put the slices of cheese over that and bake it until the cheese melts.  Decorate with the Pico de Gallo at will. 

You may also add chopped chorizo, ham, or meat on top. It's a very versatile dish.


  1. It is lovely to see a post from you, but I am still weeping for the reason for your return.
    Grandmother Dragon has a permanent home in many hearts across the world, and we miss her, mourn her and are the richer for having known her.

  2. No surprise she fought the title of Grandmother Dragon, although I will concede she was older than I.
    The dear people who have left our lives but not our hearts...

  3. Hi Al, Jo will forever live in everyone's hearts!

  4. Jo was loved by many and I'm grateful I got to meet her and Matt.

    I'd use veggie cheese, but your recipe sounds wonderful.

  5. Hi Al - she loved being a part of the Dragon group and would have been tickled pink to be Mother Dragon ... she was always referring herself that way. Another dear blogging friend to have passed on ... your Mollettes sound a delicious recipe for these cold days we're experiencing ... they would warm the soul. Great to see you - all the best - Hilary

  6. What a lovely tribute to a feisty and wonderful woman. You are right, she gave our group that little touch of je ne sais quoi that enhanced us all. I miss her already. Your recipe sounds great, minus the cilantro, as I'm one of those that tastes only soap when I eat it!

  7. Yummy recipe. I'm sorry I never met Jo even online, she sounds ace.

  8. That's great that you gave Jo her nickname. Thanks for the yummy recipe. I'm a vegetarian and am always glad to find a new one I can eat.

  9. I was so surprised to find your post among my emails, and then saddened to learn of the reason and the loss of Grandmother Dragon. I did not know her, but wish I had. My deepest sympathies to you and all who knew her.

  10. Jo was a lovely, sweet woman with kind words for all. Whenever I was away from the blogosphere even for a little while her posts always brought me full circle as worked to catch up with all my friends. I will miss her always!
    It's so wonderful to see your tribute!

  11. I am so glad it was you who dubbed her with such a title of endearment. She did come to embrace it and it was just awesome. I wish you had been able to meet her in person. You both would have had an amazing time. She definitely made the most of her days. And I know that her days were enriched by a rather remarkable dragon whom we all know and adore. Well done, Father Dragon. Well done.

  12. A lovely tribute to your dear friend. People who touch the heart will always be remembered in quite moments.

    Nice to see you again!

  13. {{hugs}} to you and the Dragon family <3

  14. You had me at 'pico de gallo.'

    I miss Jo. Her loss will leave a big hold in all our lives, especially yours.

  15. That was a perfect title you bestowed.