Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Healthy Smile, Toss the Dwarf in The Woven Tale Press and Awards

Dear friends: I am in the process of changing my formula. As part of my change (in an effort to get more things accomplished) I had decided to reduce my blog posting to once a week. I must have misplaced a factor  because instead of reducing days, my posts grew longer. Must be the red heart or the fact I need days of 40 hours. Just want to tell you thanks for your comments on my last post. I am humbled by your kind support and by your continuous demonstrations of friendship (that I certainly must acknowledge.) You own my dragon heart.

Stephen Tremp, Alex J. Cavanaugh, L. Diane Wolfe and Michael Di Gesu bring to us the Get Healthy Bloghop. The objective: Share with everyone something you have done that affected your health in a positive way.

I am sharing with you the cheapest, most effective medicine of all time. Laughter! My grandfather, Father Dragon "The Great", practiced it all the time and he made fun of doctors' prognosis by recuperating in record time from serious ailments. 

It is scientifically proved that our thoughts and feelings do have a close relation with the ailments and diseases our bodies come to develop. Our state of mind also has great influence to decide whether or not we can overcome a tragedy, deal with a problem (whatever its nature) and even in survival situations. 

Laughter brings more oxygen to our brain, thus helping our thinking capacity. We become more assertive and creative in problem solving. But this is only one of the benefits.

THE BEST OF IT ALL!! Smiling is something we do when we feel good. The brain is programmed to co-relate a sense of welfare to the smile. Individual feels good, brain sends the signal for the smile. However, it is proved this process works both ways. If you smile, your brain relates it to a sense of welfare and will send signals to the rest of your body, correspondingly. Result, you will feel better if you manage to keep the smile long enough during stressing situations. 

So why the dragon crossed the road? To keep the jokes coming!
Sandra Tyler at The Woven Tale Press sent me an invitation to publish my "T" post from Chronicles of the Dragon Cave from A to Z in the third issue of the emagazine, A-Z Blogging Challenge Special Edition.  Tassin and the dwarf minions are now dreaming with the possibility Toss the Dwarf Championship might one day be included in the Olympic Games. I doubt it but dreaming doesn't hurt. 

I would like to invite you to take a look at the Special Edition. In Sandra's words, "a small but notable representation of the blogging creativity and diversity of this annual April challenge".

Thank you for inviting me, Sandra. Dragon and Dwarves are honored and flattered.
I'll allow my dragon ego to surface for half a minute. (Please excuse me the half a minute show-off). If you look to the right side bar -just below IWSG badge-, you'll find a VERY special award adorning the Cave. Father Dragon will perform the Dragon Mamushka in its Mexican version because he was honored with the You Rock Award from Alex Cavanaugh. (Andale, andale, arriba, arriba, yihaa!) Ahem...done. Thank you very much for the honor, Mr. Ninja Captain. Let me say you're gifted with an amazing keen eye (not sure about the other eye) and excellent taste. (Not planing to eat you. I meant...ah, you know what I meant.)
Franny Stevenson from Dr. Franny and Mrs. Myself shared with me three awards. On Monday I accepted Semper Fidelis. Today I accept the Versatile Blogger Award. Thank you again, Franny.

Seven things about myself.
1. I tell jokes to myself and I still laugh.
2. I love gummy bears.
3. I've offered hugs for free in the street (in my human shape.)
4. I'm the only dragon who knows how to perform a turkeyscopy.
5. I've married over 60 times (up to 4 on the same day).
6. I love to sing while driving over terrible uneven roads, the more off key, the better.
7. Laughing like the classical stereotype villain always makes me laugh for real. Also wondering why they laugh all the time. "I've got you where I wanted you, hahaha. This fast-killing-trap will destroy you in three hours, hahaha. I've got hemorrhoids, hahaha!"

I pass this award to Brandon Ax. Have fun!


  1. Hi Al .. love the Laughter poster - it is so true isn't it .. laughter can break so many barriers and lead us to healthier thoughts, actions and bodies ..

    Fantastic that your Toss the Dwarf is featured in the Woven Tale Press .. I've seen a few and must go and read more .. it looks such an interesting concept - and I'm so pleased Lee's idea has been placed up front in this collection ...

    Laugh on Father Dragon - cheers and happy smiley days ahead .. Hilary

  2. Love the laughter post, so important to laugh as my poem about it reflects.
    Wonderful post.

  3. Oh I so agree with this, Al. Laughter is an excellent medicine for body and mind. Congrats to you and the dwarves on the feature in Woven Tale Press.

  4. I love this post. Laughter does have all the benefits that you mentioned and more. I too laugh a lot, all the time. It keeps the negative emotions from overpowering me.

  5. Oh my,

    If we didn't laugh - or help others laugh - this troubled world of ours would be in some serious bother:)

    Cheers for the laughs, oh wise one - and I look forward to reading your weekly digestion reports :)

  6. Lowers blood sugar levels! I didn't know that. Yeah, who's laughing now?
    Well deserving of the YOU ROCK award, my friend!
    And I saw that you were included in the anthology - congratulations.
    Thanks for participating in our bloghop.

  7. Laughter, as they say is the best medicine!
    Congrats on the "You Rock" Award, The Versatile Blog Award and being included in the anthology!

  8. Gelotologists have known this for years! (; Yes laughter has great health benefits and just feels good. Congrats on your awards you deserve them! Going to weekly blogging is a good idea, I've been thinking I should reduce my blogging schedule too. It can get crazy at times. Now, what to do with my dragon withdrawal symptoms . . . :D

  9. Awesome post Al! Love the animated scientific break down of laughter. Definitely worth a share on Twitter!

  10. As a pre-diabetic I need to get me some laughter! Good to know. Thanks and congrats on the awards!

    Shah X

  11. Great tips on laughter and smiling! :) :)
    And I guessed you might be a hugger in human form!

    Congrats on the awards, and on the publication!!!

    Big HUGS!!!

  12. Laughter is great for relaxing too. Although I do find a good cry can be equally therapeutic.

  13. Laughter is wonderful, a dragon can laugh so much longer and louder than we poor mortals. Will miss your posts Al, but needs must...

    Hope you are getting lots of laughs.


  14. Laughter, indeed, makes me happy and reduces the anxiety-- great health tip. And congrats on your award. As always, very well deserved.

  15. Oh I definitely need to laugh more!

  16. Great tips! Laughter is the best medicine! : )

  17. Uhm...I have heard that ninjas do taste delicious. Just saying...
    And would you please repeat the Dragon Mamushka? My video camera wasn't set up yet.
    I'm a little confused about #4 and #5. First, #5. Does Mother Dragon know you've been married 60 times? If that's not what you meant, did you mean to include #4 in there somehow, marrying turkeys after you've performed their turkeyscopies? Do you see why I'm a little confused? :)

  18. HI, FD...

    What a WONDERFUL tip for our readers on this blog hop. Laughter IS the best medicine, as you SO CHARMINGLY pointed out. You SLY dragon YOU.... LOL.

    I know you've had some hard times lately and I am so happy to see you are keeping your laughter and sense of humor.

    As we all know keeping positive can only help. We must ALL believe.

    Thank you for your words of wisdom during this HOP!

  19. Good grief, what a lot of stuff to check out on your posting :) So many awards and huge congrats to you, my esteemed friend. Of course, I quickly skimmed, um thoroughly read your posting :)

    What's this, you been married over sixty times and four on the same day? Yes, I'm kidding. Ignore me.

    Ah yep, a healthy type blog hop. Smiles are good. Involving ourselves with positive people is good. A healthy diet, balanced exercise and involving ourselves with positive distractions, such as blogging, is good.

    My kind friend, smiles are infectious. Positivity breeds positivity. Isn't it comforting to know we can all be here for each other....

    Be well. I'm going now :)


  20. Well, congratulations are in order, both awards and being included in the anthology deserve a big YAY!

    And laughter? Couldn't have hit that nail more on the head than you did. Wonderful reminder :D

  21. Hey Al, congrats on all the awards and your laughter exercise regimen is one I can really get behind! :)

  22. Congrats! And I agree with your laughter routine. I can never tell jokes that well, because I forget the punch line. Sheesh. But I can laugh at myself and that helps keep the ego at bay. Now for you, a dragon, it must be twice as hard.

  23. Oh, you are so singing my song! I love to laugh and I find a way to smile no matter what--moving the lips helps convince the brain to release those lovely chemicals. Muwahahaha...


  24. Laughter has so many benefits. For as long as I live, I'll never forget how the primary thing helping me through one of the worst years of my life was watching Laurel and Hardy on AMC (back before the channel jumped the shark and stopped showing classic movies).

  25. Laughter is most definitely the best medicine :)
    Suzanne @ Suzannes Tribe

  26. I've heard laughing gives us way less wrinkles than frowning does as we age. Lovely post, Al and congrats on being invited to Woven Press and your Versatile Blogger award!

  27. I wish laughing burned a few more calories, but it really makes you feel good mentally and physically. I have been accused of laughing to much, but I can't stop. If something is funny, I just have to laugh. Great post. haha

  28. Laughter is the best! And I'm the first to laugh at myself too...
    Dancing is also one of my favorites... *arriba arriba yihaaa*... and I'm always singing...
    Congrats on all those awards! You rock!

    Writer In Transit

  29. Great awards, and well-deserved! :)

  30. What a great blog hop... laughter is a fantastic way to forget problems, and just enjoy life...:)

  31. I completely agree, laughter is always the best medicine. Also, congrats on being featured in the Woven Tale.

    Visiting today from the blogfest

  32. Laughter is great medicine! Congrats on the award!

  33. Yeah laughter is one of the best around, the world surely needs more

  34. I love the way you think!!! Laughter is the best medicine.

    Congrats on the awards and the publication. That post was hilarious!!

  35. I love all the good things laughing does.

  36. Positively wonderful post!

    And may you laugh until your jaw hurts :)

  37. Just out of curiosity, was Woven Tale Press able to provide you a "non-web" or downloadable version of the A-Z collection?