Monday, April 15, 2013

Chronicles of the Dragon Cave from A to Z: "M" is for Milin

   "You'll bring the visitors to..." Sessin stopped mid-sentence. Over Milin's shoulder, he saw Tassin and Carmelita approaching.
   "Milin, where have you been?" The task master snorted. "Your mother has been doing your job but you are the official camera man of the cave."
   Sessin stepped forward. "I was explaining Milin his duties as tour guide."
   Milin smiled and nodded several times.
   Tassin's eyebrows slid up. "Milin? The tour guide? And how exactly is he going to do that if he doesn't speak at all? Whose moron's idea was this?"
   Sessin cleared his throat and moved closer to his father. "Yours. You said that would keep Milin, the
menace, from making a mess."
   Carmelita smacked the back of Tassin's head, and then she shook him like a maraca. "How dare you say that about my son?"
   Tassin stepped back. "Gotta go. Have to make an important announcement!" He fled.
   Carmelita ran after him. "I'll show you a real menace!"
   "Dad, wait! Is Milin the tour guide or not?" Sessin dashed after them.
Milin picked up a piece of paper that must have slipped off Tassin's pocket. He smiled and read with a voice that would have made Barry White shy away.

The Best and Worst Remakes Blogfest – May 17

That’s right – another fun and easy movie blogfest!
Hosted by Alex J. Cavanaugh, Stephen Tremp, Livia Peterson, and Al Diaz.
When Hollywood runs out of ideas, they remake older films. Sometimes this works, and sometimes it fails miserably. On May 17, list the best remake you’ve ever seen and the worst.
Added bonus – list the worst and/or best song remake you’ve ever heard!

Sign up below!


  1. I enjoyed the post very much , have already signed up for the blogfest.


  2. Milan The Menace...awwwww, no way. GetEm, Carmalita! Clever way of making an announcement! I missed the last Movie BlogFest, but read that it was a huge success. I will enjoy READING about this one, too. I'm not much of a movie buff and I'm terrible at remembering who did what, where and when as movies and songs go...except the American Bandstand 1960's era. But ask me anything about Quilts and Fabric...also, I'm full of 'Useless Information'...I do well in that category of Trivial Pursuit.
    My Letter 'M'...Modern Marvels
    Sue CollectInTexasGal
    AtoZ LoneStar Quilting Bee

  3. I'll have a think about the blogfest as I am not much of a movie expert. Looks very fun, though. Fun story today too, I enjoyed all the M words you maneuvred in there! (My brain can't spell that word this morning.)

  4. Good for Milin! He should try singing next.
    And we are off to a good start with the blogfest.

  5. Wonderful as always, Al. Your sense of humor is so fun!

  6. Loving your posts! Your cheerleader looks to be having a blast.
    The blogfest looks like fun!
    Dani @ Entertaining Interests

  7. What a great Blog Title . . "Father Dragon Writes" . . .
    Happy A to Z!

  8. @Yvonne: Great! We'll have fun. :)
    @Sue: I'm not a movie expert either but I think I've seen a couple terrible remakes to mention. Thanks for reading!
    @Nick: Me neither, but hey, you just have to mention the best and the worst! :)
    @Alex: That's a trick, you know. He really doesn't speak. I'm a ventriloquist.
    @Julie: I'm glad you liked it.
    @Dani: Thank you! It will be, you'll see.
    @Maggid: Thanks! Short and clear, nothing best, hahaha.

  9. He would sure surprise them with that voice.

  10. Barry White was smooth. That would be a great voice to have. Lots of benefits with that one.

  11. OH, I can hear that smooth Barry Whiteish voice in my head now. And I'm right there #26.

  12. Love the Barry White voice, FD.... Too fun!

    NO, Not another blogfest! I have to think about this one. The challenge is nearly KILLING ME! Two weeks recoup may not be enough!

  13. Ha!Clever Milin - or clever ventriloquist. ;)

    I'm in for the 17th! Lots of remakes around!

  14. Love that Milin has a voice!!!
    And yes, for the blogfest!

  15. Heh, great story Al...and the blog fest should be a lot of fun :)

  16. So the story proceeds! Very well done.

    As to the next hop, I'm hopped out and due for a vacation, which I'm taking in May. I know it will be fun and I may have a moment to pop in and see what's happening. Enjoy.

  17. Milin sounds like he'd be a great tour guide, especially with a voice like that! (:

  18. Sounds like Milin has been vastly underestimated. I like that.

  19. Love Barry White so I would like to hear Milin. Won't be joining your blogfest on Movies I'm afraid, I don't see too many movies until they come on TV and wouldn't know which ones were remakes. I see nobody has tried to remake The Godfather yet.


  20. Love the Barry White voice haha. Millin rocks. :D

  21. Shook him like a maraca lol
    And then the voice, my goodness! this is very entertaining ;)

  22. Ooh, I can hear Millin's voice in my head right now - sounding very pleasant :)

    Look forward to reading the next installment...

    Happy A to Zing from Spoon Paws @

  23. You go, Millin. And I'm already signed up.

  24. Love the dwarfs! I'll have to check out the blogfest!

  25. Milin the menace! I can hear his voice, too and it sounds like Gerard Doyle (who read the Harry Potter audiobooks)


  26. I just nominated you for a Liebster Award! I just noticed on another blog that someone already nominated you, but I had to nominate you again because this is one of my favorites. :)

  27. Good job Milin!! And I'm all signed up for the blogfest. :)

  28. Hehehe! I can picture that smile vividly. I'm all signed up for the blogfest! :)

  29. Sounds like a fun blogfest and I'll be stopping by to visit but I'm taking May off from posts so I wont be able to participate.

  30. Yay, as promised, I'm here with one of my um award winning comments! :) As Barry White might of said in a really, really deep voice, "Can't enough of you blog..."

    Oh no, not another blogfest! :) Yikes! Time to repost my satirical, but good natured article on blogfest and blog hops are whatever the heck they are called this week. Seriously, have fun with it.

    The "Groundblog Day" blogfest : Wouldn't it be great for a blogfest? This would be where we repeat the same paragraph, over and over again. Yes indeed, a paragraph that repeats over and over and over...If you get what I mean?

    Wouldn't it be great for a blogfest? This would be where we repeat the same paragraph, over and over again. Yes indeed, a paragraph that repeats over and over and over...If you get what I mean?

    Wouldn't it be great for a blogfest? This would be where we repeat the same paragraph, over and over again. Yes indeed, a paragraph that repeats over and over and over...If you get what I mean?

    Be well, my friend.

    Gary :)

    1. Ah, thank you for the laughter, Gary. I so much needed it after the hell of a Monday I am having today. I really appreciate it!

    2. Al, my friend. Knowing of your laughter after such a lousy Monday for you, is one heck of a positive outcome! :)

  31. @Diane: Yes, it would surprise everyone very much.
    @Stephen: No doubt!
    @faraway eyes: That's great! Barry White is always a hit.
    @Michael: you can't die.
    @Laura: We'll have fun.
    @Tyrean: Hush, nobody knows.
    @Mark: That's the plan
    @C.Lee: Enjoy your vacation!
    @Elise: with a bit of help, he might.
    @Sia: An unpolished diamond Milin is.
    @Jo: No one would see a remake of Godfather.
    @Julie: He's a good dwarf.
    @S.K.: Thank you!
    @Mummy: That's a good voice to keep in the head.
    @Elizabeth: It's an easy short one, you'll see.
    @nutschell: I'll have to check that voice.
    @Krysten: Thank you very much for the honor!
    @Karen Tamara: Excellent!
    @Christine: Not that you don't have a rich imagination. :D
    @PK: I suspect many will want to do that. My brain might decide to do that on the evenings.
    @Robin: Barry rocks!

  32. It's great about Milin's voice.

    I'll think about joining the blogfest. I'm not much of a movie watcher.