Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Internet Withdrawal

So Milin did it. He thought internet cable was as good place as any to hang the laundry. Now I have lost my means to get in cyberspace at will until the provider’s technicians find their way to the dragon cave. We have been like this for four days and there is no sign of them yet. The mild anxiety caused by the “No connection” icon at the bottom of the screen both torments me and makes me chuckle at myself.

I have a decent To Do List that does not require of internet connection. Three books I need to read, one manuscript I promised to review, my own WiP to finish. I am in the middle of a writing course and there are four characters I should be developing further. I have a dragon sculpture that is waiting for its head, and clay that is getting too much sun.  My days can be still productive while I wait for the technician. Then why do I feel I am missing a limb, and therefore I can’t focus on anything of the above? Does the fate of nations depend on me having access to cyberspace? Is anyone getting eternal damnation because I couldn’t read and comment on their posts for a few days? Or will you never read me again because I didn’t answer the comments on mine?

I have observed some young people’s reactions when they forget their cell phone. They are as anxious as if they were naked. World may come to an end next minute and they don’t have their cell phone at hand. Crucial decisions might take place and they won’t have part in them because they can’t text their friends and they can’t check their Facebook or Twitter. I’ve had a big time making fun of them.

Now I am observing myself. Several times in these four days I have been in the brisk of doing the ‘Humphrey Bear panic dance’ (check the Quote Page for reference.) In truth, I can’t help to make fun of myself this time. “Dragon, you’re being so humanly ridiculous right now.”

I know you will keep the world moving, your life sparkling and your heart pumping while Father Dragon gets the cave connected again.  I just want you to know I am still up to everything I committed myself to do.

Father Dragon's wisdom for today: If in doubt, choose the smile.


  1. Hope you get your Internet back soon. I'd feel lost without it.
    In the meantime - go read, write, and create!

  2. Hope your Internet returns soon.


  3. I know what you mean, but I've taken online breaks on purpose. Tell yourself that's what you're doing and enjoy it!

    I am considering changing providers, and now you've pointed out exactly why I've put it off for so long. It's not even the social aspect. I track everything financial online, that would hamper me, but then again. I used to do it by phone, I'll just keep telling myself that I can make do, plus diving into the writing does wonders! Good luck!

  4. Where I live we sometimes loses all connectivity: electricity, telephone, internet. There's a moment of, "What? Now what can I do?" Then a huge flood of relief comes as I find the candles and the flashlights and blankets, light the fire, then snuggle in with a good book and total quiet.

    There's nothing like being disconnected . . . for a time. If it continued for a longer duration, I'd have some major adjustments to make in how I manage my life.

    Here's to getting back into the fray of social media.

  5. Love your wisdom for the day! And I know what you mean about being anxious over not having the internet. My home internet is spotty at best, so I often can't do much online when I'm home except watch the emails pile up. *sighs*

    I hope you get your internet back soon!

  6. "Does the fate of nations depend on me having access to cyberspace?" ROTFLOL!

    Hang on - it does, doesn't it????? ;-) Fun post, Al.
    Some Dark Romantic

  7. Well...I'm glad you were connected today! I don't miss the facebook or twitter or anything like that...I miss the availability of information.

    When I was young and writing, I had encyclopedias and the like to turn to for reference. Or, do things at the library. The internet has changed that. Now, for research, I usually go online (and make sure the info is reputable).

    So, even though I don't miss the internet when it's down on a social level (as long as it's not TOO long), I miss it immensely for the research.

  8. Oh I hope you get the cave connected soon. I know how frustrating it can be without the internet. Hang tight, we'll be here when you get back up and running. :)

  9. I've had several opportunities, yes opportunities, to be without internet over the last month. Mostly, I was fine with it. I needed a little email contact to keep up with a few editors, but other than that, life goes on quite nicely. On the other hand, once I have it back, here I am getting my fix like a darn druggy.

  10. Funny how we seem to understand other's anxiety only after we've laughed and made fun at theirs! I hope you got some of that long list of to-dos done.

    I'm looking forward to my getaway this weekend. It'll only be me, the internet (with free connection), writing, movies, chillaxing, and God. :)

  11. LOL - I can relate. My router broke once, and I was off to the local fast food place to use their wireless.

    Funny thing is, I grew up without the internet and cell phones. What in the world did we do without them? (...had time to read and talk to people and write. ;)

    Hope you're back on line soon, but make the most of your quiet time. We'll be here when you get back.